When Robert Pattinson nearly quit acting


Los Angeles, Nov 21 | Actor Robert Pattinson says he nearly quit acting before he starred in “Twilight” because his audition for the movie went so badly.
“It was the scene when (Edward) had a guitar … my agent was like, ‘Take your guitar into the audition.’ I just walked in and they were like, ‘Oh. You brought a guitar. Do you want to play us a song,’ and I was like, ‘No. This is the worst decision I ever made’. I was saying no and they were like, ‘You just brought a guitar just to hold it? Why did you bring a guitar in?’ My entire confidence just s**t the bed,” Pattinson said in the podcast HFPA.
“The audition was one of the worst auditions I did in my whole life. I remember calling my parents and saying, ‘I’m done, I can’t torture myself anymore,’ and the next day I got a ‘Twilight’ audition.”
He also worked on another famous movie series, “Harry Potter”, and he loved the environment on set as it was “very friendly family” and everyone got along well.
“It was a really nice environment on Harry Potter. Even compared to movies I’ve done since, it was very protective. The way the kids were treated … In Harry Potter they were at school and they were kind of doing work at the same time … It felt like a very friendly family environment.”

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