When Catherine Zeta-Jones lost her 'acting mojo'


Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones said she felt like she had lost her desire to act until she started shooting for her latest movie 'Cocaine Godmother'.
"I just loved turning up to work every day. And I have to say, that's not necessarily always the case. For a few years there, I lost my mojo in what this was about. I love being a mother, I love being a wife. I have a very nice career behind me," Zeta-Jones said.
"If I'm out and in it, I like to be really knee deep in it and invest the time, the energy and creativity and enjoy it. I wasn't seeing any scripts that would even come close to me feeling like that," she added.
Reportedly, she also said to having a lot of 'insecurities' but she tries to teach her daughter to be strong and confident.
She said, "I try to instil in my daughter, and in myself, a sense of strength and power, you stick by your word. But of course there are vulnerabilities. There are insecurities like every woman.
"I'm a working mother, I have all those insecurities. And I think that coming from where I came from in Wales, it takes a certain kind of resilience to be able to take the knocks and keep battling through."

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