How many cameras do you need? Huawei Mate 10 lite gives you 4

Nowadays, taking pictures and especially selfies is an essential everyday task; noting that the sheer volume of images captured and shared to the world every day is growing exponentially. People are becoming very demanding when it comes to the quality of pictures and the features of their cameras. Therefore, they are always searching for more cameras with better performance that will be able to capture the best picture ever.
We will share with you a solid option that can satisfy this need since it has doubled down on dual cameras. It’s the Huawei Mate 10 lite that has dual shooters not only on its back (16 plus 2 megapixels), but on its front too (12 plus 2 megapixels).
This is all good and fun, but quantity only counts as long as there's quality too. Huawei Mate 10 lite offers an intuitive and powerful camera, competent since it can shoot decent photos despite the light conditions. It's nice to have both its front and back shooters capable of bokeh-style photos, which mimic the depth-of-field effect of a camera.
The cameras ensure colors are rendered more accurately and images are captured as if they are taken in natural sunlight. Skin-tones are more accurate and images are more vibrant, creating more appealing photos. There's also a hand gestures recognition, within 1.5 meters of the camera for users to capture selfies without touching the screen. A two-second delay between the gesture and the photo being taken giving users time to pose for the perfect selfie. And most importantly, the device includes a Beauty 4.0 option for the selfie camera, with three beautification filters. Intelligent algorithms read images for skin tone and gender that softens lines for a smoother skin tone and of course a much better qualitative result.
Mate 10 lite also has a vibrant 2,160x1,080-pixel display, premium touches and more than enough power to browse the web and watch videos smoothly. The Mate 10 lite battery comes in 3340 mA, providing a very long usage time of up to two continuous days, with 20 hours of calls and 9 hours of movie viewing.
You can use it as much as you want including watching some video, and playing games, without worrying that the Mate Lite wouldn't make it.
Finally, it comes with 64GB of storage, making it more spacious than other budget phones, which often offer 32GB or 16GB.

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