Mate 10 lite, your selfies that will get you all the likes!

Having a tough time capturing a good selfie under dim light? In photography, you need to 'find the light'. When the sun is out, there is no problem but how would you capture all the fun you have on days when it's not so sunny, or even rainy or dark?
For selfie lovers, taking a selfie is almost a matter of artistic expression that can't be impeded by the weather or the night. But it’s almost impossible to take a selfie you can post on social media in the dark or in poor lighting conditions. The HUAWEI Mate 10 lite is here to solve this for you.
The HUAWEI Mate 10 lite is equipped with 4 cameras, the front camera features a 13 MP lens and a 2MP lens combined. The 13 MP lens captures details and colors to produce stunning pictures with a beautiful bokeh effect. Coupled with a depth-of-field algorithm, the 2MP camera can snap artistic shots with clear details and vivid colors, while the background remains blurred. Best of all, the front camera is equipped with a toning flash that automatically adjusts depending on the lighting conditions to give you brighter colors and lights; even with zero makeup on, your selfies will look stunning, just like the stars! The front-shooting mode is equipped with Beauty 4.0, which incorporates gender identification, beautification, video beautification, and other features for the best pictures whether in selfies or video chats. This gives much more accurate blurring edges compared to a single-camera system. In addition, the HUAWEI Mate 10 lite supports a tap-to-focus mode for this blurring effect.
And speaking of stars, Huawei is collaborating again with the favored young star Nassif Zeytoun, who achieved the title of the best song of 2017 with the single “Majbour”, and this collaboration will entail a lot of surprises so stay tuned on Huawei Mobile Lebanon Social page.
With Huawei Mate 10 lite, look perfect with natural lighting effects and shoot the photo first, let the phone focus later. Dual cameras on the back can effectively blur the background when shooting people or scenery and highlight your subject. Shooting the photo first and focusing later is also supported, so that you don't miss the moment messing around with settings.

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