Dakota Johnson Talks Sparking Drama Between Jennifer Aniston And Angelina Jolie At The Golden Globes – Sorry, Not Sorry!


Dakota Johnson pretty much managed to create one of the most viral moments of the Golden Globes this year, and it only took her a look! The Fifty Shades of Grey actress was just curious to see how Angelina Jolie reacts to Jennifer Aniston on stage at the prestigious event.
Now, Johnson revealed during an interview with Jimmy Fallon that she is not at all sorry about it.
Only sorry she got caught!
Fallon made the actress explain the picture that showed Dakota with her head turned towards Jolie, unsubtly staring at her to see how she reacts to seeing nemesis Jennifer Aniston right in front of her on stage.
Afterward, that moment pretty much became our meme!
Who didn’t relate to that! After all, we were super curious to know how Aniston and Jolie would cope with the awkwardness of being in the same room.
During the hilarious interview, Johnson tried to deflect attention from her, saying that Armie Hammer‘s wife, Elizabeth Chambers was doing the same thing!
‘I am not the only one. Elizabeth is very blatantly looking at her. She is like, ‘what’s she gonna do?’ I was trying to be sly about it.’
She then went on to say that ‘Honestly, truthfully, I do not think I was actually looking at her. If you look really closely at the angle of my eyes, they are kind of over here,’ she says pointing at the direction.
‘There was the actual kids’ table, all of the Stranger Things kids, and I love Stranger Things so much.’
Talking about relating to Dakota twice!
Who doesn’t love Stranger Things, right? But do you think she really didn’t peek at Angie at all?

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