Black Panther Obliterates The Box Office Five Weeks In A Row


It’s been a long time since a movie has been successful at the box office week after week, except James Cameron’s “Avatar.” Black Panther has been on top of the film world ever since it’s release over a month ago, in fact, it just topped the box office five weekends in a row, making it the first one to do so since Avatar.
Over this past weekend, Black Panther generated around US$27 million in ticket sales, and so far, it’s made over $600 million in the United States.
When taking into account foreign markets, it’s made approximately, US$1.1 billion. However, admittedly, Black Panther hasn’t had a lot of competition in February and March.
The last film to be as successful as Avatar and Black Panther was “The Sixth Sense,” which came out in 1999.
Other films released this past weekend included Alicia Vikander’s “Tomb Raider,” which wasn’t well received from critics and was given an average rating among audiences.
People who went to go see it gave it a “B” score on Cinemascore. The first Tomb Raider movies – starring Angelina Jolie at the beginning of her career – did well upon initial release, but its sequel in 2003 flopped at the domestic box office.
Jeff Goldstein, who works as the distribution chief for Warner Brothers, said that Tomb Raider was meant to be successful in the foreign markets and less so domestically. Goldstein remarked, “International was always a key part of the strategy.”
The chief admitted Black Panther’s domination of the box office could’ve played a role in Tomb Raider’s lacklustre performance. Moreover, the distribution chief claimed that no one could’ve foreseen the massive success of Black Panther last year when the release dates were set. He added, “How could you?”

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