Uriadi -2 [Tamil]
Action, Drama
Uriadi -2 [Tamil]

8.5 /10

119 min 04 April 2019


A shrewd entrepreneur tries to compound his business profits when his initial plan begins to fail. A power-hungry politician who runs a caste based party opposes it. A socially conscious and conscientious young man and his friends find work in his hometown. What ensues is the inevitable downward spiral of a poorly run business that impacts the lives of the people of the town. *The industrialist responsible for it evades its consequences with the aid of local politicians*. Hurt and angered, the people unite under a common cause. The protagonist devises a retaliatory plan and resorts to extreme measures to ensure justice is served.

Director: Vijay Kumar
Stars: Sudhakar,Vijay Kumar
Language: Tamil
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