The Vanishing

The Vanishing
101 min
Drama, Mystery, Thriller
14 February 2019
  • 101 min
  • Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • 14 February 2019
The Vanishing

The Vanishing


Rex (Gene Bervoets) and Saskia (Johanna Ter Steege) are enjoying a biking holiday in France when, stopping at a gas station, Saskia disappears. Confounded, Rex searches everywhere, but to no avail. Three years later, he's still obsessed with finding her, pleading his case on television, putting up posters and ruining his new relationship in the process. Eventually an unassuming chemistry teacher, Raymond (Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu), approaches Rex, intimating that he knows what happened.

Director: Kristoffer Nyholm
Writer: Joe Bone, Celyn Jones
Stars: Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan, Connor Swindells
Language: English

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