Tall Tales

Tall Tales
77 min
Animation, Family
22 March 2018
  • 77 min
  • Animation, Family
  • 22 March 2018
Tall Tales

Tall Tales


When Apollo, a kind-hearted travelling performer, lands in the village of the Funny Little Bugs, it?s not too long before he upsets the life of the kingdom. As Apollo falls into a trap set by Wendy, the jealous and treacherous cousin of the queen, he is framed for kidnapping Queen Marguerite, causing panic in the hive! In reality, Marguerite is held by the Vermin, Wendy?s accomplices, while she takes over the throne. With the help of his new friends, Apollo embarks on a perilous rescue mission. To free the Queen and save the hive, the Little Bugs will bravely face many dangers and be more imaginative than ever!​​​

Director: Arnaud Bouron, Antoon Krings
Writer: Arnaud Delalande, Christel Gonnard, Antoon Krings
Stars: Ryan Nicolls
Language: English

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