Surkhi Bindi

Surkhi Bindi
128 min
05 September 2019
  • 128 min
  • Drama
  • 05 September 2019
Surkhi Bindi

Surkhi Bindi


Rano grew up dreaming of marrying a Prince Charming from Canada just like most girls from Punjab. But soon she realizes that she lacks certain qualities to receive a marriage proposal from Canada. She is a brilliant makeup artist, a profession which is looked down upon in Punjab. Rano believed that this talent would somehow help her to get an NRI status but one fine day she gets sacked from the salon where she was working. This event agitates her father and she is forced to marry against her wishes, to an ordinary clerk Sukha.

Director: Jagdeep Sidhu
Writer: Rupinder Inderjit
Stars: Atul Azad, Nisha Bano, Navkiran Bhatthal
Language: Punjabi

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