Shock Wave 2
Shock Wave 2
120 min 18TC 04 February 2021


Former Bomb Disposal Officer Poon Sing Fung becomes a top wanted criminal after the police suspects his involvement with terrorist organizations . Risking his life, he escapes prison to find out the truth and prove his innocence.

Director: Herman Yau
Writer: Herman Yau, Erica Li
Stars: Andy Lau, Ching Wan Lau, Ni Ni
Language: English
(Showtimes might be subject to change)
Marina Mall - Abu Dhabi
Breakwater on Corniche Road
12:2012:454DX.png13:00THEATRE by RHODES.png15:1015:404DX.png17:30THEATRE by RHODES.png18:0018:354DX.png20:15THEATRE by RHODES.png20:4521:304DX.png23:00THEATRE by RHODES.png23:30
Nation Towers - Abu Dhabi
Nation Towers Corniche Road
12:3014:3015:15THEATRE by RHODES.png16:00THEATRE by RHODES.png17:0519:00THEATRE by RHODES.png19:4521:45THEATRE by RHODES.png22:30
Abu Dhabi Mall
10th Street, Tourist Club Area, Al Zahiya
12:00MAX .png14:45MAX .png17:30MAX .png20:30MAX .png23:00MAX .png
Al Jimi Mall
Hamdan Bin Mohammad Street, Al Jimi, Al Ain
13:1516:0016:30THEATRE by RHODES.png18:3021:0022:00THEATRE by RHODES.png23:30
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