Romang [Korean]

Romang [Korean]
115 min
28 June 2019
  • 115 min
  • Drama
  • 28 June 2019
Romang [Korean]

Romang [Korean]


10 years ago, Ja-yoon escaped from a government facility in the midst of an inexplicable incident by herself and lost all her memory. An old couple takes her in even though she doesn’t know her name or age. She grows up to be a bright high school student and enters a nationally televised audition 75-year-old Cho Nam-bong and 71-year-old Lee Mae-ja are a couple suffering with dementia. After being married for 45 years, the couple couldn’t even remember when they were in a good relationship. However, as their memories fade by the day, their dreams and romance that have been forgotten rekindle.

Stars: LEE Soon-jae, JUNG Young-sook
Language: Korean

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