Rampaat [Marati]
Rampaat [Marati]

6 /10

130 min 23 May 2019


We all dream differently. But there are some dreams that are larger - than - life, that have no limits and yet we continue to chase those dreams regardless of it's relativity to the real life. One of such larger - than - life dreams that have mesmerized countless youngsters today is the dream of 'Stardom'!. And In this age where everything is instant and fleeting the youth today expect the same from their dreams. They want it right away, super-fast viz. Rampaat !! Mumbai being the 'city of dreams' the youth from various villages, cities, every nook, and cranny in India arrive in Mumbai to pursue this dream. But is that all it takes? Or does it require immense dedication, hard work and seeking the right direction to achieve this dream? This is what Rampaat portrays. With the dream of Instant stardom, earning quick money and making their parents proud - Mithun from Solapur and Munni from Kolhapur come to Mumbai and that's when the bittersweet struggle of their journey to achieving their dreams begin. This amusing journey teaches them to work harder and hustle for an 'All time hit' rather than a 'One-time hit ' Telling the youth their own story in an upbeat manner along with rhythmic music, the fast-moving story does justice to its title. Rampaat is the 70 mm projection of and for the young ambitious dreamers today.

Director: Ravi Jadhav
Writer: Ravi Jadhav
Stars: Abhinay Berde, Kashmira Pardesi, Priya Berde
Language: Marathi
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