125 min
  • 125 min
  • Action
  • 26/09/2019



Bikram Joshi aka Bikkie, a major suspect of smuggling precious statue of Lord Shiva from World Heritage Listed area of Pashupatinath murders his own father and escapes to London. DIG of CIB NEPAL Police Department, forms a team of 3 detectives; Chatur, Kanaiya and Balaram to arrest Bikkie from London. JoJo is the main Culprit who is mastermind behind the Smuggling the statue of Lord Shiva from Nepal with the help of his 2 gang member (Bikkie’s dad & Sanju’s DAD) and JoJo is doing Auction in UK. Bikkie came to UK to find out his father’s murderer to prove him innocent and in the UK he found SANJU who got the Password of the Locker where the Lord Shiva kept by her father. To get that Both of them hunting Sanju and in the end Bikkie killed JOJO and took the Lord Shiva back to Nepal with the help of 3 Nepalese officer and UK police. Finally, the master planner of smuggling, DIG is revealed. Bikkie turned to be innocent and the so called losers are the winners to accomplish the mission by restoring the statue and arresting JoJo and DIG.​

Director: Samrat Basnet
Stars: Bikram Joshi,Pari Rana​,Sunny Leone
Language: Nepali

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