Nearby Sky [Arabic]

Nearby Sky [Arabic]
85 min
29 June 2019
  • 85 min
  • Documentary
  • 29 June 2019
Nearby Sky [Arabic]

Nearby Sky [Arabic]


Fatima Alhameli is the first Emirati Female camel owner to personally enter her Camel into the Camel Beauty Pageants and take part in Camel auctions in the UAE. Regardless of all the difficulties and challenges she encountered while trying to prove herself in one of the most male dominant domains, Fatima's wish to win in a race or a beauty pageant contest remains the only compensation to overcome her failures. Fatima’s story is uniquely portrayed in this film. She is shown giving us her own first hand experiences and the film depicts her personalized story. For the first time, we see her journey as a child, mother and business woman. The film reveals the path she has chosen for herself, including the challenges she faces, both socially and personally. Just when Fatima begins to lose hope, an unexpected reward comes her way.

Stars: Fatima Alhameli, Mohammed Alhameli
Language: Arabic

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