Kitchen: Last Battle

Kitchen: Last Battle
115 min
  • 115 min
  • 01/06/2017
Kitchen: Last Battle

Kitchen: Last Battle


Earlier, Ivan was interested only in encryption codes and hacking programs, but everything changes when he meets the beautiful Frenchwoman Anna with an explosive character and Russian roots. Both fly to Sochi to take part in the World Championship among cooks: she is for France, and he is for Russia. But Ivan still needs to understand the relationship with pop, the famous chef Viktor Barinov, who appeared in his life, to earn the trust of his culinary super team, to avoid prison for hacking the Defense Ministry website and ... to help TV host Dmitry Nagiyev to escape from a mountain village in Abkhazia where he is forced to marry.

Director: Anton Fedotov
Stars: Dmitry Nagiev, Dmitry Nazarov, Oleg Tabakov
Language: Russian

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