Hottegaagi Genu Battegagi [Kanada]

Hottegaagi Genu Battegagi [Kanada]
145 min
28 June 2018
  • 145 min
  • Action
  • 28 June 2018
Hottegaagi Genu Battegagi [Kanada]

Hottegaagi Genu Battegagi [Kanada]


The film revolves around the characters played by Anant sir and Radhika. He is a retired man, who has to take up employment again and works for Radhika, who is a corporate honcho in the film. From there on, it is an exploration of their relationship dynamic, both professional and personal. While Anant's character is one who believes in the sanctity of marriage, Radhika is in a live-in relationship and he becomes a sounding board for her whenever she is faced with a dilemma. In fact, a lot is said even in the moments of silence that they share​

Director: Narendra Babu
Stars: Anantnag,Gitanjali Rai,Radhika Chethan
Language: Hindi

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