Gurkha [Tamil]

Gurkha [Tamil]
155 min
11 July 2019
  • 155 min
  • Comedy
  • 11 July 2019
Gurkha [Tamil]

Gurkha [Tamil]


Bahadur Babu(Yogi Babu) who belongs to the Gurkha community, lives in Chennai with his Grandmother Kuyil. He wanted to become a police officer but was rejected in the police selection, because of his physical fitness. During this process, he gets to meet the Dog (Under Taker) ,who has also been rejected in the Police Dog selection. Disappointed Babu joins a private security agency, along with the Dog and been appointed at a shopping mall(The Madras Mall). During work, he gets to see Marguerite(Elyssa) who is an American Ambassador. Babu falls in love with her at first sight. But Babu hesitates to express his love for Marguerite because of Marguerite’s status and his lack of confidence. Simultaneously, a gang of terrorists plans to hijack the Madras Mall. Their prime target was Marguerite alongside the family members of the City Police. So they will set a trap to gather them at a cinema hall(SRK cinemas). As per their plan, the terrorists hijacks the mall and particularly their targets (Marguerite & other 90 hostages). The City police team hesitates to perform the covert operation, because the hostages are the family members of police itself. The hijackers are heavily armed & deadly. Now how Bahadur Babu, with the help of his Dog (UnderTaker) & his colleague Usain Bolt(Charlie), takes over the situation & whether they save the hostages along with Marguerite or not sums up the rest of the story.

Director: Sam Anton
Writer: Sam Anton
Stars: Yogi Babu, Elyssa
Language: Tamil

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