First Love [Tagalog]

First Love [Tagalog]
122 min
Drama , Romance
25 October 2018
  • 122 min
  • Drama , Romance
  • 25 October 2018
First Love [Tagalog]

First Love [Tagalog]


In what appears to be a serendipitous encounter upon saving the life of a stranger, the calculated and reserved businessman Nick meets the impulsive and optimistic photographer Ali, who believes in destiny and carpe diem, or seizing the day. Nick, who seeks closure for his past mistakes, is drawn towards Ali's spirit and vigor. Despite living with a congenital heart disease and being on the wait-list for a heart transplant, Ali continues to be hopeful about her future. Ali challenges Nick to seize every moment of his life before it's too late. Meanwhile, Nick finds a way to give Ali a new lease on life - even if it means risking one's life and their love for each other.

Director: Paul Soriano
Writer: Anjeli Pessumal, Rona Co
Stars: Aga Muhlach, Bea Alonzo, Sandy Andolong
Language: Tagalog

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