Dharala Prabhu

Dharala Prabhu
147 min
12 March 2020
  • 147 min
  • Comedy
  • 12 March 2020
Dharala Prabhu

Dharala Prabhu


Vivekh, who is a fertility expert in this movie, runs a clinic and sperm bank in chennai that's struggling to survive. he pins his hopes on the clinic's Artificial insemination program that promises high-quality sperms for couples who are having trouble conceiving. After a lot of efforts in finding the high-performing donor, Vivekh stumbles upon the Hero's (Harish Kalyan) profile who is a fit football player. The story revolves on how Vivekh convinces Harish Kalyan to start donating and how Harish Kalyan manages to keep this as a secret after he falls in love with the Heroine (Tanya Hope) who is the Zonal Head of Fabindia. The rest of the story deals when the secret is out in the open. The films is an entertainer packed with lots of comedy, twists, drama, light hearted moments and sprinkled with beautiful romance.

Director: Krishna Marimuthu
Stars: Tanya Hope,Vivek,Harish Kalyan
Language: Tamil

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