Boonie Bears: The Wild Life
Boonie Bears: The Wild Life
99 min TBC 27 May 2021


A new theme park called Wild Land opens, where guests can use gene-altering bracelets to transform into all kinds of animals. Vick finds out that Wild Land is having a contest with a prize of a million dollars and decides to participate. He, Bramble, and a mysterious man named Leon work together and win the contest. Soon after, the park's owner Tom catches Leon trying to secretly copy the park's data, and Vick discovers that hybrid guests are causing trouble and attacking others.

Director: Leon Ding
Writer: Tachi Cui (as Tiezhi Cui), Rachel Xu (as Yun Xu)
Stars: Chris Boike, Joseph S. Lambert, Nikki Stinson
Language: English
(Showtimes might be subject to change)
Dubai Festival City Mall - Dubai
2nd Floor Near Fitness First, Dubai
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