Bilal Alsades
Bilal Alsades


135 min 18TC 25 March 2021


The events of the movie revolve around the character of Bilal and El-Jem's partner, who are a group of fraudsters with a history of fraud, as they carry out a fraud through one of the social media accounts for a trip to the island of dreams, as they claim, and 3 boys and 3 girls fall into the trap, as they look to their dreams and to an interesting adventure and exploration of this island.

Director: Haider Samer Alnaser
Stars: Samir Alnaser, Rashed Alwerthan, Saed Saleh, Muhammed Alhashem, Stefan Muhammed, Faisal Alamri, Elham Ali, Noura Asr, Zara Alboloshi, Mahdi Alnaser
Language: Arabic
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