Anukta [Kannada]

Anukta [Kannada]
135 min
14 February 2019
  • 135 min
  • Thriller
  • 14 February 2019
Anukta [Kannada]

Anukta [Kannada]


Anukta which revolve around a crime investigation of a murder mystery set up in coastal region of Karnataka . With perspective narration in the screenplay movie keeps audience guessing about the big surprises involved in the multiple layers of the plot. Daivakola a devine culture of tulunadu plays an interesting part. With a proper blend of psychological aspects of human emotions in the form of dreams and crime investigation of an intelligent COP behind a murder mystery Anukta will be a new experience to watch.

Director: Ashwath Samuel
Stars: Karthik Attavr, Sangeetha Bhat, Anu Prabhakar
Language: Kannada

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