Al Fundok

Al Fundok
103 min
01 November 2018
  • 103 min
  • Drama
  • 01 November 2018
Al Fundok

Al Fundok


The film is a drama about treason, by a group of people in a hotel, including: husband and wife, security men and hotel staff. The wife discovers that her husband has a relationship with the nightclub girl The night at the hotel, making her too weak and betraying her husband with one of his friends. The husband then discovers his betrayal of him with his friend seeking to avenge them.​

Director: Nashat Abdullatif
Stars: Ahmed Bedir​​,Ahmed El Halwany,Ahmed Karaka,Ahmed Sadek,Ibram Samir,Marwa,Mohamed Nagaty,Ola Ghanem
Language: Arabic

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