Afreet Transit

Afreet Transit

90 min 18TC 12 November 2020
Plot: The film is set in a family comedy setting about Zouza, a criminal who works for the gangster Shukri, who owns a nursery for children as a cover for his illegal activities. When Shukri feels threatened by the network of the dangerous criminal, he entrusts his right-hand man with all his wealth, which he has placed all in diamonds. Shabaka kills Shukri to steal the diamond, but he does not find it with him, so he interrogates Zouza, but Zouza accidentally dies before revealing his whereabouts. Shabaka and his brother Majed carry the body of Zouza and fabricate him to kill Shukri.
Director: Yasser Howaidy
Writer: Tamer Abdul-Hamid, Ahmed Amer
Stars: Osama Abdallah, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Asma Abul-Yazid
Language: Arabic
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