100 [Tamil]

100 [Tamil]
176 min
Action, Thriller
09 May 2019
  • 176 min
  • Action, Thriller
  • 09 May 2019
100 [Tamil]

100 [Tamil]


Sathya, an young wannabe cop is a known in the locality is known for his ruffianism. A true friend of his Anwar who is already a cop wants to see him as a cop too. Sathya wants to be known for his vigilantism and want to be a one thug in the police department. However his fate doesn’t meet his aspirations. On the other side of the story a drug peddling group and girl trafficking group sends shock waves.Though a cop he ends up in the control room department. He is crest fallen as he is unable to pursue his career in the way he wished to. However one particular call turns his life upside down. What’s the call about? How did he manage to solve the issue of the caller and nab the criminals forms the rest of the story​? 

Director: Sam Anton
Stars: Atharvaa,Hansika Motvani,Yogi Babu​
Language: Tamil

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